Not sure of having a baby photographer? Are you thinking of all the hassle, while you have tons of other things to think about? What is my baby going to wear? I am not sure about the naked baby photos … What am I going to wear? Do I really want to be photographed?

Let me help you to make up your mind…


I love to provide the service of coming to your house, rather than you having to pack up to go to a studio. There are so many benefits to newborn photography at home. No need to worry about what to wear, your partner can continue to work from home and jump in when he needs to be in the family portrait, and your baby is in their own home so not too many distractions. I have been there, three times, and I know what it is like!

Also, please feel free to wear your pyjama bottoms, I want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Especially after a section, you need to think of you. Only a happy mum is a good mum …

Messy house? Have you seen my place? Even worse, I will only add to it, with all the stuff I will be bringing into your house. The beauty of the baby photography is that I need about 1.5 x 1.5 meters of space. So any mess around it is irrelevant.


What is my baby going to wear?┬áIn baby photography, as with most portrait photography, you really want to focus on the eyes. I would suggest for the baby to have a wrap draped around him or her, or to be swaddled. This keeps it very simple. I will bring a lot of wraps and muslin cloths with me. If you like it, you can go for the naked look. I always make sure that no ‘bits’ are shown.

If you don’t feel like being in the photo, that is absolutely fine. We just focus on your little baby. It took me about 3 months after the birth of my children, before I felt presentable again.

My aim is to make the session as comfortable as possible. No rush, the baby takes the lead and we take everything as it comes. I only book one session a day, which allows me to spend all the time we need with your baby.

For any other concerns you may have, just send me an email : [email protected]